Synchronized surgeries for a high-risk pregnancy delivery

A team of specialists came together to perform multiple surgeries on a pregnant patient with a rare condition.

By Sarah Miller
Mom and baby La’Trece Bartley cuddles her newborn daughter, Olivia, during a photo shoot celebrating her christening day. Photo is courtesy of Sarah Hedden Photography. Sarah Hedden Photography
While pregnant with Olivia, La’Trece Bartley was diagnosed with placenta accreta, meaning her uterus was embedded in her existing cesarean scar.
Erin Burnett, MD Erin Burnett, MD
Anjum Anwar, MD Anjum Anwar, MD
Karina Hew, MD Karina Hew, MD
Isaac Delke, MD Isaac Delke, MD
Joseph Costa, DO Joseph Costa, DO
Hospital pic Chronos Javier and La’Trece Bartley are all smiles alongside Erin Burnett, MD, who delivered Olivia.